Cannabis Chocolate Dark(Min Order:15)

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Cannabis Chocolate Dark(Min Order:15)

70% Dark Chocolate with Hemp Seeds and Hazelnut Pieces THC FREE, There are no narcotic effects.


Cannabis Chocolate Dark(Min Order:15)

Cannabis Chocolate Dark, 70% Dark Chocolate with Hemp Seeds and Hazelnut Pieces THC FREE, There are no narcotic effects. Cannabis Chocolate Dark(Min Order:15), Long gone are the days of dried-out “happy brownies” and overly herbaceous candies; in their place are delectable infused chocolates hand-crafted with care.

Serra’s chocolate bars are crafted locally in Portland with the help of local family-run Woodblock Chocolate manufactory, and contain only three simple ingredients: cane sugar, cocoa butter, and cannabis oil.

Reach for the Relief square, for instance, and be rewarded with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate featuring notes of lavender and cherry.


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