buy Banana OG Brass Knuckles

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Buy Banana OG Full Gram Brass Knuckles Vape Cartridge

buy Banana OG Brass Knuckles.

     Banana OG is an indica-dominant cross between OG Kush and Banana. With a smell and flavor of overripe bananas. this hybrid definitely earns its name. Banana OG has tested at over 25% THC.  and has a reputation as a “creeper,”.  leaving those who over-imbibe in a near comatose state before intense hunger. and sleepiness sets in. Patients treating muscular pain, loss of appetite.  and insomnia may benefit from Banana OG.


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origine of brass knuckles

Brass Knuckles cartridge comes from a sativa-dominant strain that combines a genetics cross of a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. This strain offers a potent earthy flavors with hints of pine that uplifts you into a blissful euphoria easing stress


Related to Hawaiian sativa strains, Brass Knuckles’ Maui cartridge will live up to it’s tropical reputation. This Sativa cart is best known for its tropical and earthy flavors with a citrus fruity aftertaste. Less energizing than most sativa strains, Maui has a floral aroma and tends to be head heavy and delivers a slow sensation that becomes more prominent with time.


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